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Inventing an IoT Sensor that is repeatedly and cost-effectively analysing multiple biological and chemical targets in wastewater to support personal, population, and environmental health, as well as our national security

Introducing Biodata Networks

Founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, Biodata Networks (BDN) is leading a breakthrough in wastewater monitoring. Through the creation of an IoT device, called PHIDO, BDN will deliver a product to repeatedly and cost effectively monitor multiple biological and chemical targets in wastewater.

The introduction of PHIDO to the market will lead to significantly improved understanding and management of public and personal health, environmental health, and our national security.

PHIDO will enable the continual monitoring in wastewater of microbial viruses, bacteria, and fungal. It will also monitor biomarkers of health, licit and illicit drugs, as well as pollution.

The PHIDO IoT sensors are designed to be installed across the wastewater network from treatment plants to strategic sentinel locations, and onwards to near source locations outside and inside properties. The data captured by the PHIDO sensors will be available in near real-time, constantly.

PHIDO will have huge impact compared to the current process of monitoring wastewater

x 10

Decrease in monitoring costs of

care home residents

x 366

Increase in the amount of health data

available to HMPPS leaders

The Leadership Team

John Wakeman

Chief Executive Officer

  • Tech company founder and builder with extensive background in Software, SaaS, & IoT
  • Consultant – IoT/Insurtech, Aviva
  • CEO OmPrompt (SaaS/IoT) – now Elemica
  • CRO Confirmit (SaaS) – now Forsta
  • VP Northern Europe, Symantec – now Broadcom
  • Management Scientist

Brian Neve

Chief Product Officer

  • Pioneered the use of advanced digital control techniques in the Oil and Gas industries
  • KBC advanced technologies – Founder
  • PACS – Founder/chairman
  • Exxon – head of EMEA control
  • Foxborough Controls – now Schneider
  • Chemical Engineer

Andrew Singer

Chief Scientist

  • Principal Scientist UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
  • Chairman, ACE Expert Advisory Group for Wastewater Surveillance 
  • Soil and Water Microbiology and Pollution Scientist
  • Expert Advisor, Path-Safe
  • Microbiologist

Growth potential

PHIDO is being delivered in conjunction with leading Academics who are world leaders in their field. PHIDO will represent a major scientific and engineering breakthrough that will have enormous global impact for personal and population health, environmental health, and our National Security.

A capital efficient and data rich business, delivered in conjunction with leading global manufacturing partners, will ensue once PHIDO is market ready.

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